This time of year is really fun to style! Every day feels like a party during the holidays whether its a formal get together or just out running around trying to get it all done. We’re taking it up a notch from tshirts and jeans, either with accessories or finer fabrics.


We love this fitted silk blend top from designer Karolina Zmarlak. The elevated #lbt it’s more sophisticated and chic than any other black long sleeve. Still cool and understated, you pair it with jeans and boots for the perfect winter outfit!

The red in these earrings really makes a fun and festive statement. We’ve styled these beauties all year long, but when we use them in December they feel so perfect!


Wearing metallic doesn’t just have to be for evening... wearing it in the day is much easier than you think ;) Like with all things, it is all about balance! Pair this glitzy top with item that ground it to create balance, like this matte belt and dress. 

What we love: Unique And Unexpected Details.

There are two kinds of dresses, simple and complex. And then, there’s the dress that looks simple at first glance, but is crafted with unexpected details! Look closer and you’ll see the figure perfecting bands that skim and cross the waist of this dress while also slimming with vertical lines down the length. Style is on point with dainty gold accessories which are all the rage right now. The more delicate the jewelry, the more popular!


Why yes, yes we do. Lovely cream top, that is! We love a non traditional design from Herve because it feels so fresh and new. Yes, they can knock a bandage dress out of the park, but a slinky luxurious blouse is the essential that completes every woman’s wardrobe. This one is finished with bandage at the waist for a blousy look and - we just love how you can pair this back to your staple Herve pencil skirt because their bandage always mixes and matches well.  


We love bringing high fashion, quality products, and elegant style to Oklahoma City. In order to sort through and narrow down the massive amount of clothing pieces we see each season, we keep our clients in mind and buy according to many different factors. Its this mindfulness that helps us put together what you see on our racks, items are unique and special. Because we think you are, too!


This grey dress is stylish and, well, smart. This style calls in some really trusted and true designs. A solid neutral color that creates a sophisticated silhouette, a belt that pulls the waist in for a nice hourglass that we all seek, and a structured yet minimalist seams that are perfectly tailored for the mature woman.


Herve Leger has reinvented the bandage dress but still allows you to take center stage in this powerful dress! Modern suiting is cool - not corporate. Ultra-lightweight and tailored for a woman - this trench coat is the quintessential classy staple.

Clean Lines + Neutral Shade = Instant Sophistication

Fur is a #streetstyle trend that offers that major wow factor! We suggest you pair with denim and a fun top for a glamorous twist on this holiday classic. Flip it inside out for a totally different look!


Women are expected to be able to pull off the craziest schedules, make it to the parties, bring the dip, decorate the tree, wrap the gifts, drop off the teacher’s gifts and make the class snacks, mail the cards, bake the cookies, pour the champagne and basically think of everything, while keeping cool and looking chic, too! #nopressuretho This is where we call on Nora Gardner for reliable day dresses that fill our needs from day to night, school to office, happy hour to dinner party - and back home to collapse. I would even wear this one as pajamas if I couldn’t find the energy to change into something else after washing my face!


Business casual got cooler with this warm and cozy polo! Thicker than your typical collared tee, the brisk breeze will not be getting past it! Silver studded jeans from @DL1961premiumdenim made it fun to pair more silver accessories for a fun holiday look!


Stock up on (not so basic) basics from Majestic - like this long sleeve v-neck! At first glance, you may see basic, but take a closer look and you’ll see the gold trim on this tee makes it super special