It's All About the Experience

Forbes recently released an article I thought was befitting for this Small Business Saturday, called Five Reasons The Boutique Model Is Revolutionizing The Future Of Retail that really touched my heart.

I’m sure that most of you know that Small Business Saturday is a grassroots campaign to promote small businesses backed by American Express. Current research shows that the “Shop Small” movement is no longer confined to one day of the year, but rather that consumers want to do business with local, socially impactful companies (cue happy dance 💃🏻).

Ultimately this pendulum has shifted because consumers don’t want to do business with large corporations or small businesses - they want to do business with people. We all love Amazon, and as a new mom it is a lifesaver as far as functionality and usefulness, but only when I know exactly what I want. The Forbes article makes the point that “there’s a difference between buying and shopping, and Amazon does not address the shopping experience.” It’s like I knew this but didn’t realize it until it was written out. They are exactly right. The article further goes on to say “Boutiques are successful because they’re more than just stores: They’re style educators.”


While being a small business owner of a boutique isn’t easy, most boutique owners would tell you that they love their business and wouldn’t want to do anything else. One of the things I love the most is the collaboration amongst other business owners within Oklahoma City. The article touches on this point “What’s really amazing about the boutique world is that it’s built on the philosophy of community over competition.”

Ultimately, this article touched my heart and I hope that in some small way, I have touched yours by offering you an “Experience”.