FACT: Leggings have been revolutionized.

Leggings have long been designated for running on treadmills or lounging around, but we understand that some might still think of these stretchy bottoms as so “casual” because of the controversy in the news about being banned from schools, or being denied entry on an airline.

Leggings are no longer relegated to jeggings, and black spandex options. They have been revolutionized to resemble a well-fitted pair of trousers. Treggings is the word being used for these updated trouser leggings. So if you are looking to take the legging (or tregging) outside of the gym—or dare to board a plane in them - here are our best legging looks to wear on the street and all places beyond:



Leggings aren't pants, they're even better! The comfortable forgiving fit is their most lovable quality, but in so many colors, fabrics and styles there are plenty of reasons why they're greater than boring old pants. The new "out on the town" piece can be styled so many ways that it even has it's own LIBERTÉ blog. Keep scrolling for our favorite ways to wear!


We can dress them up, but we also liked having the friendly reminder that we're not taking this too seriously - they're leggings after all, so sneakers are perfectly fitting. With a nod to their fitness related origin, but also taking note of the modern twist, a fashion sneaker is the playful footwear option we can get behind! 



Keep the proportions in mind when styling your leggings. Balance the slim silhouette and wear a fuller top to counterbalance them, how specifically? Try a loose blouse or oversized sweater. We took it a step further and topped the look with a chic poncho. You've seen this one before, but this time we are giving you a new styling option! Half-belted, we threaded the belt through the armholes around the waist, so its much more flattering to the figure.


City sleek, the oversized turtleneck frames the face so your beauty is the real display here. Accessorize always. You can't skip this step lest you lose your reputation of fashion know how!



TO COVER OR NOT TO COVER... One of the main debates in leggingwear is bum coverage. What it boils down to is personal preference and comfort level. While we typically stand on the side of "to cover" it also depends on how substantial your leggings are. If they lean more towards the side of tights (are they sheer when you bend over?) then please cover your ass. 

We like hi-lo tops, ponchos, shirts with a shirttail hem and tunics. Every little bit counts! 

However, our #wearcommando leggings will never leave you hanging (out) - and we're perfectly fine letting our clients style them as pants!


Shirt tails over leggings - this monochromatic look has all the right things going for it! The smokin hourglass silhouette is created and accented with artfully chosen pieces and then nipped in with a sophisticated belt. Sure you could do the button down over leggings and call it good, but when we looked at it we thought - it just needed that one more thing... 

When you feel like something is missing, remember the 3 piece rule. Sometimes it's a jacket, a belt, a vest of a statement necklace. It makes all the difference and can really finish off your look!



Animal prints have long been proclaimed by fashion icons as "neutrals" but nothing makes a girl feel quite as feisty as rocking some python. We are drawn to this button down, not only for the scaly print, but also the quality of fabric. In 100% silk, we often hear "well, no wonder I love it!" from our clients who seek it out.


When styled the right way, the comfortable alternative to pants can make for the perfect casual weekend outfit, a night out or even an office setting look when done in leather. Take note from LIBERTÉ and upgrade a simple white tee and seriouis black blazer by topping off the look with a pair of gunmetal leather leggings! 

image1 (2).jpeg
image2 (1).jpeg

Gunmetal on Gunmetal

Go all monochrome with simple understated accessories. This look is a little workwear inspired so we kept it to studs and a small necklace with pave set stones. 


Among the many ways to wear leggings we highly recommend pairing them with a mini dress. This look actually stemmed from a need to style mini dresses rather than leggings. Depending on your height, a mini dress can go from hot to not real fast when that hem is hitting to close to the butt crease. Want to cover those cheeks and still look hot in a mini dress? Leggings! Problem Solved! This dress has the potential to be the epitome of scandalous when worn by our model-length clients bare-legged. But, cover those gams, and you're just plain hot! 

image3 (1).jpeg
image4 (1).jpeg


Hey babes! Break out the pendant necklaces! Does it have to be a special occasion to show off some rock? No!  This jewelry makes a stunning show of elegance and glamour! Set yourself apart from the crowd with our unique pieces that will keep you from looking like everyone else...


Grab some casual clothes and go for more of an athleisure look in a sporty yet edgy sweatshirt for a cool, laidback look. This faded top has that distressed feel and the imperfections are what make it perfect!

image1 (3).jpeg
image2 (2).jpeg


The twist sweater isn't just super cool with it's faded and desaturated fibers, it's also got an open back that allows you to show some skin or hightlight one of your favorite strappy sportsbras or bralettes! 



Now that we have you fully convinced that you need these leggings, you're probably wondering - how the hell do I clean them? Laundering faux leather doesn't need to cause you worry - we've simplified the process and spelled it out step by step to eliminate any self laundering mishaps. Click below to be taken to our page dedicated to the cause!