Show Me What You're Made Of

We love jeans. Like, seriously love them so much that we basically wear them on an everyday basis, because, we mean, what else? Jeans are the foundation of nearly all our outfits. They’re versatile, comfortable, and easy, three things we look for in everything we buy.

Just like how we’ve gotten selective about what food we eat, and the ingredients used in the beauty products we use, we’re also paying attention to who makes the clothes we wear. We exclusively provide brands who are committed to social responsibility in some way, shape or form.


One of our favorite sustainable brands we carry is DL 1961, who has an undeniable pulse on chic denim fashion and their designs are bringing ethical innovation into the spotlight!

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Every DL1961 style is the result of years of product innovation to achieve jeans that fit perfectly and make you feel as good as you look. They are committed to ethical practices, and their family-owned, eco friendly mill is dedicated to innovating and reducing waste at every turn including being compliant with International Social and Environmental & Quality Standards.


It all starts with quality, mindfully made materials that are durable yet dynamic. Instead of buying materials (like other denim brands), they start from scratch and create them with carefully selected fibers, from ethically sourced premium Cotton to super soft, breathable, antibacterial botanic fibers, which is probably why their pants are next-level soft, breathable, and durable!



DL1961 is focused on innovation and energy efficiency by using sustainable production methods to do their part in making America a better place.

The plant is partially powered by solar energy and they have their own power generation plant for the sake of efficiency (and because they are up to the environmental codes).

Did you know that a traditional pair of jeans is made using 1,500 gallons of water? DL1961 uses less than 10 gallons! Not only that, but they saved 5.2 million gallons of water in 2017 through their on-site water recycling plant.



The DL1961 design team gives every pair of jeans the perfect amount of indigo and distressing - from subtle to statement - for an authentic look. In lieu of chemical bleach they use cutting-edge Dry Ozone technology.



The thing about inexpensive denim, besides not being durable and/or made from materials that aren’t moveable or breathable, they don’t fit the way they’re supposed to. When DL1961 says “perfect fit,” they mean it. We all know that when it comes to jeans, if you want a flattering look, fit is everything. If they don’t fit, they’re useless. The whole point of wearing jeans is for them to hug us in the right places! Ethical denim never looked so good, right?