In the right clothes, you really feel like you can do anything. Dressing for your day means taking into consideration the people you will encounter and what image you want to portray to that audience, also how much activity you’ll have and what makes sense - so be practical about about fabrics, too! This top is a stretch ponte so it’s comfortable while having nice structure to it. Sometimes you just want something that feels more substantial, you know? And that is what we really appreciated about this top.


We’re plum crazy over this dress! We just plum forgot how perfect purple looks on everyone! Okay, I’ll stop with the plum jokes. (if you can count those as jokes) Balancing between sophisticated and sultry, we give you this spring’s perfect dress. When you ask us what you should wear (wedding, date night, babyshower, fundraiser, etc) we can direct you to this dress in sizes 00 through 12! Don’t be afraid of the cutout either because Nora Gardner designed it to sit high enough to not count as a peep show.


Toppers can be tricky but Nora Gardner’s Mila jacket has simple yet tailored lines so that it doesn’t drown your figure or bulk your body. Pair with her dress to create a suit look for the office that has a stylish flair. Structure, stretch and style - what else could a professional woman want?


Here’s visual proof that you can take your professional clothes to the streets and rock a cool weekend look with it, too! This little lady jacket becomes a funky little crop layer when worn over a black tank and modern black joggers. We’ve built similar looks with an all black foundation and then a pop of color and they’ve all been very popular with our social media viewers. Trust us when we say this is a tried and true favorite!


A black top and blue jeans are a no brainer, right? But how stylish does that really look? We’re here to give you the styling tip that still seems to get lost sometimes. Apply the 3 piece rule and you go from safe to sensational! This gem colored crop jacket is made from super soft ponte fabric and cut with flattering tailored lines. The crop length and collarless design make it ultra wearable, which has us reaching for it and playing with style after style!


If it’s a suit occasion, is it a red suit occasion? The answer here is yes, because why not? Wearing boring clothes isn’t really living, ladies! Wear what you want, wear what you love, and don’t let fear or doubt hold you back when your very best version of yourself is just dying to be on display! Luckily, statement suits are not frowned upon, but very much admired. So, go collect yourself some oohs and ahhhs and be prepared to graciously reply with a simple, “thank you” maybe even throw in, “I got it at LIBERTE!” That’d be fine, too wink


Stripes won’t ever lose their cool factor. Stripes will always be “in.” They’ve migrated from bring an occasional flourish to being a mainstay in the fashion conversation. We’ve found a ton of style success placing stripes between the lapels of blazers and jackets. We could have color blocked this outfit, but in order to #upstyle it, we used a heathered stripe tee from Majestic in a nice clean milk color. Catapult yourself into the new season with bright colors and fresh whites!


Majestic knows how to do leather. They always choose a really nice supple quality leather, which is important when you’re trying to wear it as a shirt! Even still, the addition of a french terry back and sleeves make it much cozier than going full leather. using the side zipper to create a half tuck is totes #ontrend , a little trick we learned from our NYC fashion designer friend. Pair with little red shorts and the look is complete, and completely fabulous!