LIBERTE loves fashion, fur babies, a good glass of wine or champagne and a quick weekend getaway to the beach to recharge. We hope that our blog is a place for inspiration that guides women to a fun, fearless approach towards fashion and style. We all have that essential blazer in our closet in black and/or navy, but who wants to just disappear into the crowd? Stand out with a pop of color like this powerful bold red blazer. You have seen it styled as a suit with the matching slacks, but we love the #ontrend look of blazers and denim. Plus is gives you the perfect excuse to rock that red lip. XO


Redefining #officewear, our new favorite combo is Majestic button downs with pencil skirts. Tucked or tied, they look polished and sophisticated as the perfect alternative to the starched and ironed varieties. Don’t fear the black on black look, but find creative solutions that make it work for you. One of the reasons we tied this top is to distract from the blacks being slightly different. Creating a new line and texture helped the illusion.


It doesn’t have to be a formal event to sparkle! That’s why we love Majestic’s metallic soft touch collection. It combines the glamour of shimmer with the comfort of a casual tee so your style can exceed expectations! There is something elegant behind the design of this double v neckline. The plunge happens in the back to show off some skin in a less obvious way which we fine more alluring. Completing the look, DL1961 clinch the tonal mission of this metallic street style.


Get more coverage and more moves by layering the unexpected! Sure this net top looks great as a top layer, but we put a twist to it by using it as the foundation under our soft Majestic moto jacket. The moto jacket automatically has a rocker feel, but with the net texture under- we love the added edge and in white it really pops.


When your own personal dress code is calling for a collar, reach for your Majestic button down. I would say roll up your sleeves and get to work, but these are already rolled up for you! Easily layers with our fabulous Castro Blazer from Blanc Noir for that little something extra. And if you haven’t noticed, these jeans have today’s must - the step hem which showcases your beloved shoe details!


If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we are not crazy print girls. But we do like certain prints, just more of the animal varietals. Snake, cheetah and of course tiger or zebra. Mainly because we find crazy prints hard to wear and less timeless. (you can spot an outdated floral a mile away) But, you can always pair a sophisticated animal print and use it like a neutral. If you feel like all over is just too much print, pull a jacket on so you just get that front panel peeking through!