FALL HAS ARRIVED! Along with the new season, people are always asking us that trends they can look forward to... my response is always the same: regardless of what trends are here this season, our objective is to make your style timeless. We are here to help you interpret the trends in ways that complement your life, in your individual way. Rather than calling it trends, let’s call it “inspiration”. So let’s find things that inspire you this season.

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Pink is the color for fall, from shades of the palest pastel to deep fuschia. This unexpected color reinvents your seasonal color story. When we think of fall fashion, most of us think of rich burgundy, earthy brown, olive green, midnight black, and navy blue. And while we love those deep and cozy colors that are our autumnal wardrobes, this year the top colors dominating the fashion scene are all about vibrant hues!  

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wan·der·lust /wändərˌləst/ (n) a strong desire to travel. "she was consumed by wanderlust"


Everyone has probably has it - the impulse to venture into the unknown. To leave the daily grind and see something different and new. Find a way to escape - those consumed by wanderlust are the ones who drive change in the world. And, you can look fabulous doing it! If your adventure is calling, pack your travel friendly pieces - a button down shirt is perfect because it layers for chilly flights or breezy nights out on the town. It's causal and fun with it's contrast lining, viewable when the sleeves are rolled, the perfect shirt for exploring a new city - or, rediscovering and old favorite! 

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FASHION Will Find You, But STYLE is More Elusive

Nothing good ever came from bad style. But good style? I mean, who can ever regret looking fabulous? Chic? Elegant? Tasteful? Start with a simple white v-neck and create a clean an elegant style that will have everyone wondering "how does she do it?" Simple doesn't translate as boring when you're owning a style that you feel confident in. So rock the timeless tee shirt and jeans look, but choose high quality pieces that fit well. Thats the key.

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D L 1 9 6 1 the Smart Denim

This week we have our denim event, and we are just a tad ECSTATIC!! 

We love to play matchmaker! You see, denim is kind of "our thing" and we know how important a great pair of jeans are to you. Let us help you find your perfect mate (or mates 😜). For those of you who aren't familiar with our highly coveted brand DL1961, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions we get asked all the time...

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Get Your Shine On

What I love about this season of special occasions is as the holidays approach we surround ourselves with more beauty, adding flourish everywhere we can. Twinkling lights in the windows, sparkling decor, festive tableware, and extra garnish tucked into corners to give our atmosphere that holiday touch. The streets will soon become aglow as lights go up around the city. This carries over into our personal style as well, as we look for pieces that seem a little more "holiday".

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Cashmere Everthing

Part of my morning routine is bringing up my weather app on my phone to see what the highs and lows are for the day and get a general idea of the next few days as well so I can plan out possible outfits. With crisp mornings, sunny days and dusky afternoons with chilly evenings arriving much too soon, intentional dressing is imperative! 

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Fall Color Palette You Can Almost Taste

Fall fashion gives us a color palette that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a feeling of hope, fun, confidence and all things natural. The colors display a love for nature and evoke a desire to connect with things that are real. I know it sounds a little... theatrical. But, let me illustrate. Close your eyes and picture the dazzling scene of a vineyard on the coast of Italy.  This is where we have pulled the blues, greens, browns and burgundy colors for fall.

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