What is your personal style saying about you? Your wardrobe has it's own voice and it speaks a language that translates universally. Its important to be mindful of what you're telling the world by the way you dress. Because everyone is an individual, this varies from client to client, but lets bring awareness to the topic and point out a few guidelines. 

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Peekaboo... Let's Intrigue You

Showing skin takes some forethought and you should always be strategic when choosing a dress with revealing features. First is it appropriate for the event? Second, does is compliment your best assets? Third, are you comfortable and confident? This week's collection of dresses illustrates perfect ways to intentionally reveal a little here and a little there, with cutouts, sheer layers and zippers in intriguing ways.

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The Corporate Catwalk

When work and fashion intersect you can be the CEO of Style! Get out of your black slacks and a button-up rut and get some workday inspiration with this collection of our favorite office-appropriate separates! Whether you're personal style is traditional business or a little more on trend, the trick is investing in mix and match pieces that bring your wardrobe together to provide a plethora of options that leave you feeling confident and powerful!

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Get Your Shine On

What I love about this season of special occasions is as the holidays approach we surround ourselves with more beauty, adding flourish everywhere we can. Twinkling lights in the windows, sparkling decor, festive tableware, and extra garnish tucked into corners to give our atmosphere that holiday touch. The streets will soon become aglow as lights go up around the city. This carries over into our personal style as well, as we look for pieces that seem a little more "holiday".

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Cashmere Everthing

Part of my morning routine is bringing up my weather app on my phone to see what the highs and lows are for the day and get a general idea of the next few days as well so I can plan out possible outfits. With crisp mornings, sunny days and dusky afternoons with chilly evenings arriving much too soon, intentional dressing is imperative! 

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Whether we want to admit to it or not, each of us portray a personal brand. We are a walking advertisement for our own business or career. For the professional women we style, we want them to not only look feminine but powerful. A classic day to evening dress in an unexpected color can make a strong statement for any woman, accentuating and diversifying her brand.

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