Create Memories


New Year’s Eve is so much more than what to wear... to us, it is a celebration of what is yet to come! With this perspective, I often ask myself, how can I enrich my life so that time does not pass me by? Starting with this NYE, I have decided that I am going to make more of an effort to create more meaningful memories.

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Celebrate the Little Moments

Looking back, reflecting on the challenging times I have gone thru, I realized that I wasn’t celebrating the little wins which were totally worth appreciating!!

This NYE is a perfect time to appreciate all the obstacles you overcame in 2017, which will undoubtably feel good, but it will motivate you to make 2018 even better!

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Perhaps it's time to unleash the bold leader in you. Say yes to something adventurous and see how much faster the magic of boldness takes you toward happiness and lasting meaningful memories. While everyone else in the room will surely be in their go-to LBD, you will make a statement... in a bold, jewel toned dress that is! Use this unique shade of burgundy as an opportunity to be a little bold in your personal life too - go introduce yourself to a few new people (trust me, they will want to know who the woman is wearing this dress)!! 

#liberteloves metallic burgundy! Just wow. Metallics have always held a place in our hearts, but this season's metallic comes in color and we are captivated! 



We all love the big moments in our lives, but so many of us undervalue those tiny moments we share in our daily lives... But it is exactly those people we have built connections with that have helped define who you are as a person - which is B-I-G when you think about it like that! Focus on enjoying the moment, and really connect with someone. 

#liberteloves open backs! There's something so romantically #feminine about an open back. It's #intriguing and #sexy, especially to your date who can sneak a soft caress to let you know how special you are to him. 



Engage your Senses

Yes, you may be thinking how great it would be to just spend time on the couch watching Netflix... But in order to create memories, we need to engage our senses, and maybe even defy some expectations... who know, you may even surprise yourself!! Go a little wild, and make it memorable!!

#liberteloves halter necklines! show off the shoulders and rock a plunging neckline in a NOT BLACK dress! Use color to your advantage and be different in a sea of little black dresses!




Going out?

Then GO ALL OUT! No need to apologize for excessive sparkles!!










I recently had a thought about my focus (or really lack there of...), if I stop focusing on the ways my life needs to change, would that somehow allow me to relax into who I am supposed to be? I realized that this is what my mom always says, “express gratitude every single day” but somehow having it phrased differently gave me such a clear, focused perspective. 








Life is not a dress rehearsal, but if it were, then I think I’ll bring this dress ;)  


Invest More

There are so many ways to invest in yourself. You can get more "me" time, learn a new skill, or upgrade your LBD. Every woman's little black dress should make her feel incredible. It should be flattering to your figure, be high quality, and something that you just can't wait to slip into. Consider how many occasions you call on this piece and the impact it has on your state of mind throughout the evening. Complete your night out with this confidence booster! 


Do a Good Deed

There's really nothing that gives you more satisfaction than doing a good deed. One of the greatest things any of us can do in life is reach out and do a good deed for another human being. Whether it means offering your love and compassion, or making a charitable donation of time, energy, or money, there are many ways to bring sunshine into the lives of others. We all want to do good - whether it's for ourselves or our loved ones, the planet, or society at large. No matter how big or small, good deeds carry a double punch - we make a positive impact, and we feel great at the same time.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a natural quality that we all have. It's available to us in every moment if we take the time to appreciate it. When we practice mindfulness we're practicing the art of creating space for ourselves—space to think, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions. This sounds like something I need more of in my life, but what's the first step? For me, I'm choosing two things this month to apply into my life, so I'll share them with you.

 Unplug more. Take one day off per week from social media (hopefully not today! ) Smile more. 

Savor your food more. Don't eat on the go, but rather sit down and make your meal the main attraction.