National MARGARITA Day

To some of you, it’s Wednesday, but for the lovely ladies of LIBERTÉ it’s National Margarita Day.


We know, we know. Every day is another reason to celebrate some nonsensical thing, but this is a holiday we can really get behind (especially Connie!). We have decided through the extensive study of having Margarita Friday's for the last few years that Margaritas make people HAPPY!, And, why not celebrate happiness?! So, grab some friends and celebrate - the party starts NOW!





Pineapple, one spear

Mango, one spear

Tequila, 3 oz

Cointreau, 1oz

Simple Syrup, splash

Fresh Lime, squeeze

2 ice cubes, unless using frozen fruit


Blend until Smooth


E N J O Y !

Danielle KeoghComment