It’s SEMI ANNUAL SALE time! LIBERTÉ rarely has sales, but when we do it’s incredible. Seriously low prices on your favorite pieces that you may have missed throughout the year. The sale can get a little intense, but that’s part of the fun of it.


SALE Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Excited about the Semi Annual Sale?

A: Cancel your plans – tell your hubby to figure out dinner on his own (for once) – call your bestie – shop ‘til you drop!


Q: When can I shop the Semi Annual Sale?

A: We are open 10am-6pm, Monday thru Saturday! Come soon!


Q: Can I shop on my phone or tablet?

A: Yes! But as always, we have a better and more dynamic selection in the store.


Q: What’s your return policy on Semi Annual Sale items?

A: All Sale items are final and are not eligible for return or exchange.


Q: Is it worth calling in sick or skipping yoga class for the Semi Annual Sale?

A: 100% YES. This is a preventative measure. Missing out on the dress you’ve been dreaming about for months will likely cause red puffy eyes, increased drinking, an inability to rise from a horizontal position and a host of other bad decisions. This really is in your best interest.


Q: Is the Semi Annual Sale the best sale of the year?

A: We have sales throughout the year, but this is the biggest and bestest! Don’t miss it and remember to shop early and often or you might just regret it.


Q: Should I employ my husband/boyfriend/bestie/child/mother to also shop for me during the sale?

A: Divide and Conquer, but beware of bestie’s and daughter’s who share your love of LIBERTÉ fashions – they can be sneaky and steal the best deals for themselves!


Q: What should I do if I am out of town?

A: Email us at with a list of items you are interested in with your size and we will send you options via email or text.


Q: Can I call and put Semi Annual Sale items on hold?

A: You must completely check-out and pay before the product is unavailable to other shoppers.


Q: When does the Semi Annual Sale end?

A: Usually the sale ends within two weeks, but the best selection is on Day 1.


Q: How much is shipping?

A: FREE! And we also do free delivery in the OKC metro.


Q: Do you have any tips?

A: For starters, a smile and a wink get you further than you think!


Q: What if I missed out on the thing I really wanted?

A: Take the high road (but you’ll need new clothes)!