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A fresh new year calls for a fresh new YOU! But how? We have all spent so much time reading books, articles and being lectured about the habits of successful people. They are all driven by passion, and dedicated to their routines. Routines. Habits. Consistency. That's the key, right? So lets break it down and see if we can figure out the best strategy to establish good habits and give ourselves manageable goals. It may inspire you, it may motivate you, but at the very least, it will entertain you 😜 

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You have goals.  Don't let your active wear hold you back! 

Push yourself to the limit with Alala's new collection of go anywhere, do anything active wear.  This season, we are seeing dark teal blue teamed with black and a leopard print to help mix and match it all together.  A purrfect combination to spice up your workout wear - with a twist ;)

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NYC Here We Come

Planning  a trip to New York? Lucky you! You're going to have a great time- whether it's for business or pleasure, we hope your trip is fun and memorable!

What will you wear in New York? Seeing how it's the fashion mecca, you may be feeling a little intimidated and pressured to look good! Here are a few tips we have found to help fill that suitcase so you can spend energy on the rest of your tip! 

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Choose sports luxe gear to energize your next workout with a sophisticated downtown look. Because let’s face it—in a non-stop world, a woman does not leave her style at the gym! These runway looks fused to fitness wear are strong and feminine without taking ourselves too seriously: a perfect combo!

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