The Small Business Experience

If you're not one to brave the crowds on Black Friday, you're in luck! Shopping small this weekend is the perfect alternative. So instead of getting elbowed in the face and getting gifts yanked out of your hands this long holiday weekend, have a more serene shopping experience by choosing to Shop Small.

There will be tons of special deals throughout the holiday shopping season at LIBERTÉ and all the Classen Curve and Nichols Hills Plaza small businesses - don't miss out on all the great opportunities to find the perfect gifts and invest in the community. Become part of Small Business Saturday and join the nearly 95 million people who shopped last year and if you use American Express receive up to 2X the points.   


Maybe even more important than the financial impact, small businesses provide unique shopping variety and experiences that are highly specialized and reflective of the community. We have the luxury of getting to know our clients and having a substantial impact in their lives whether it is on Small Business Saturday or throughout the year.

Does shopping small mean you are going to pay more? No, not necessarily. The fact is, many small businesses discount their goods well before the chain stores because we know if it is going to sell or not just after a couple weeks. That being said, we cannot compete with the Amazon's and Wal-Mart's of the world. So why should you embrace the shop small mentality? Because life is more than getting the best possible deal and more about keeping your money in the community. 48 percent of the money spent on purchases at a local independent businesses is re-circulated locally, but less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores stay within the community.

We are small in name only.

Over 137 million shoppers participated in last year's Black Friday (that is a little more than the entire population of Japan), so some people might think we are crazy to not partake in this consumer driven holiday... And the simple truth is that we might be losing sales by not participating but we choose the road less traveled, we choose to Shop Small. 

When you shop with locally owned stores you are supporting stores that provide jobs for local residents, tax revenue, sponsorships for community groups, support for charities and excellent personalized services, all of which propels our economy forward. On average small businesses donate 250% more to community causes and for every $100 spent at a small business $68 stays in the community 58% more than the average large business.

We are small, and proud of it! After all, local small businesses are the backbone of our community.

Many people ask me what it is like owning my own business. I never want to sugar coat it for people because I value real conversations and input from my clients, so had I known it was going to be this hard, I am not sure if I would have done it. Being a woman small business owner requires a certain amount of gumption, grit, and a leap of faith with each day. There are road blocks, financial uncertainty (especially if you have zero investors), and long hours which often can take you away from your loved ones. It is easy to doubt yourself and give into your inner criticism, but I just try to remember to be good to myself. If I don't take good care of myself, I will not be giving my best to my clients, friends, family, and puppies. 

So, I end this blog post with a little pearl of wisdom for whatever it may be worth to you. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, do not be paralyzed by fear. You may fail, but you may also ultimately flourish. If you are passionate about your business and are willing to put in the time and effort, you owe it to yourself to "invest in you."