Denim is kind of “our thing” and we are super passionate aboutour DL1961 denim line. They are revolutionizing the denim industry using their patented, technologically advanced fabrics to enhance how you look, feel and live in your denim. But pretty much like any relationship worth having, the longevity of your denim ultimately comes down to how you care for them. Follow these simple tips from THE LAUNDRESS to get the best and most out of your denim: 



  • Always wash your new denim before you wear


  • Prevent abrasion by zipping, buttoning, and turning your denim inside out throughout the wash and spin cycles

  • Wash your dark denim separately on the slowest spin cycle and at the lowest temperature with The Laundress DENIM WASH


  • Drip dry your denim on a pant hanger away from direct sunlight

  • The dryer is your denim’s kryptonite - treat it like a bad ex-boyfriend


  • DL1961 denim is pre-shrunk, but we always recommend that you wash your denim prior to making any alterations in fit or length. To ensure maximum shrinkage, use warm to hot water and then dry in the dryer.

  • Yes, we know we just called it kryptonite but we also know that denim almost always shrinks the length of your denim in the dryer - plus, no one likes a tattle tail...


  • Use The Laundress FABRIC FRESH between wears to keep denim smelling fresh, and then steam to remove bacteria

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How to Wash Denim from The Laundress