lighten up & get your whites back to white

You deserve to have sparkling whites without using products that damage your fabric and the environment. Formulated to preserve your whites, The Laundress Whites Detergent, you can whiten with every wash. Color safe, dye-free, & chlorine-free, The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative will work wonders at transforming your clothing to be white and bright as new, just follow these steps:


sort it out

  • Always wash whites together and without other colors.

  • Wash and dry your white sheets and towels together, but separate from your other laundry.

  • Examine prior to washing so you can treat stains first, and then presoak for most effective removal.

treat stain

  • Pretreating each wash will help prevent yellowing from occurring later in the season. Apply Stain Solution with Stain Brush or Wash & Stain Bar directly on stained areas

    • Wash & Stain Bar: use on dirt, grease, oils- wet bar and work into the fabric

    • Stain Solution and Stain Brush: use on juice, wine, coffee, ink, chocolate

    • Scented Vinegar: removes odors

thank you for soaking

  • Presoaking is the most important step in achieving your goal of ultra-bright whites.

  • Create a bath of hot water and one capful All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and fully submerge the item.

  • Allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes or until satisfied.

  • Soaking is suitable for durable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and denim. 

super dingy

  • Pre-soak those nasty’s in a bath of hot water and the All Purpose Bleach Alternative overnight. You may need to rinse out, dump dirty water, and repeat.

  • Launder with hot water and Whites Detergent (combines color guard with enzymesto brighten), then add the All Purpose Bleach Alternative directly to the drum of the washing machine.

white hot

  • Do not dry any items that still have stains. If possible, dry those items outside in the sun to absorb the natural whitining effect of the sunlight.

  • If you do use your dryer, remember to clean that lint trap first! 

hang it up